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Our vision is to support people and organizations reach maximum performance through added buoyancy through knowledge sharing & management, including but not limited to - 

1. Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. Developing brand strategy and statistics systems. 

2. Strategic information, including business plan & sales strategy development. 

3. Information relating to  new businesses on formation of corporations and business structures, drafting privacy policies and structuring commercial transactions. 

4. Innovative methodologies for development projects for business excellence, cost optimization and profit maximization

freeee.in is a search engine of micro-niche markets for business excellence, education, jobs, travel, yellow pages, freeee ads, recipes, online store and networking.  The target audience of freeee.in includes business managers and senior management for business excellence and innovative solutions; aspiring CISA, CISM, CGEIT & CRISC students for education services and people who consider that every action of theirs is guided by “resume-ability factor”.  Our online networking and store in addition to yellow pages and freeee ads attracts people-at-large to make the best of advantages of internet. 

freeee.in has a team of seasoned professionals who have significant experience in their respective domains.



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Is Tumblr Going To Be Yahoo!'s YouTub


infreeee - an app to send messages and talk to your friends and family - scheduled to be launched in November 2014

freeee.in launched on April 1, 2011


Do you want to become efficiency experts?  

Search freeee.in for powerful PowerPoint presentations to learn and adapt efficiency methods to your own business and job interests to solve business problems and add greatly to profits.  Cherish the "miracles of little plusses" of little improvements.

freeee.in is your beaming torch on mission critical business processes.


Planning a holiday vacation or business trip? 

Browse.  Search.  Book.  Our travel search helps you find best rates available online.  book hotels, flights cruises and rental cars to global destinations. all you need after that is to go and pack your bags. 

Book with us and save on your next holiday vacation or business trip.


Meet friends, share images/videos and send updates.

cheers-freeee.in aims to make the world more open and connected and to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. 
Come, explore the fun.  We love to cheer...

the design store

In a competitive world, you need competitive business edge. 

The experience is defined using designs that pop, including powerpoint presentations, web design kits, to enhance your brand and make use of our corporate services.

Its all about what you need.  We have the answers.


A niche business directory resource for you. 

This is the fastest growing local search engine for USA and India.  We are a user-friendly, multi-plaform, local business search services that allows our users to find what they are looking for instantly, in real time. 

For you, when it really counts.


Your everyday tools all at one place.

News, calculator, find your location on map, find distance between two cities, generate QR codes and 3D headings, interest rates, forex rates, currency convertor, metric convertor, business calculator and many more. 

Resources - all about you.


Are you an ISACA student?  

Search freeee.in for subject matter information related to CISA, CISM, CGEIT and CRISC certification courses.  Highly customized content not only helps you to learn the new concepts in a simple step-by-step process and provides knowledge buoyancy.  

freeee.in helps to tackle difficult topics and master them.


What to cook today?  

Our unique recipe search makes that easy.  Also, you can upload your recipes too.  Learn new recipes with an easy to-do instructions to make finger-licking dishes all at one go.  Simplify, your cooking tasks and enjoy new recipe everyday. 

Be at home, make home made food and relish international recipes.


Missing family and friends?

Our chat solutions provides you a unique opportunity to chat and video chat with your family/friends.  Explore the simplified features of one-to-one and one-to many users either on PC or mobile device.
Feel closer to your family.  Use chat-freeee.

the print store

We are PRINT team.  Let us help you nurture your ideas. 

May be you have done pre-print designs before, but at THE PRINT STORE, you are going to experience excellence and do way more than a "nice font".

Artworks, banners, cards, office stationery, website design, DTP designs & more...


Do you want to buy, sell or trade?

Search freeee.in for best bargain for your requirements for property, cars, and other articles. Using the power of social media, freeee.in is reinventing online classifieds. 

freeee.in provides a friendly local marketplace to buy, sell and trade.

advertise with us

Do you want to show ads that relate to your product or services on freeee.in?

Those customers you are looking are looking for you.  freeee.in gets its major revenue from advertisements.

freeee.in displays your ads on our website. Best of all, it's easy to set up and get started.


Are you looking for talent or for jobs?

Search freeee.in to find you your next competent talent or the big job. There are always more big positions that there are big men to fill them.  There is a high position ready as soon as the talent is fit for the position with knowledge, skill, energy and ambition.

freeee.in helps both employers and employees that want success and are prepared for it  


Connect with partners for life  

Register >> Search >>  Matchmaking.  We provide a superior matchmaking experience by exploring the opportunities available to meet potential life partners.  Our solution has touched the lives of people all over the world. 

Look no further, make special friends and meet your potential life partner.


Its like magic!  You just push the button...

Get the best deal of the day (every-day) specially for our users.  Review the products, ratings, specifications, trailers, video to make the most informed decision.  Your #1 source for phones, cameras, computers, music, movies and more. 
Get what you want.


kids club, girls and guys club and family club - for you to make the best of your focused needs. 

Learn, explore and utilize tools, puzzles, notes from fellow participants in a fun, interactive setting.  Use our download corner for special activities that you can print and do right at home,

Come, it is always fun at our clubs.  Welcome to freeee club... 


Congratulations!  Want to have own website. 

We provide hosting services for your website with multiple options, relating to pages, bandwidth, emails accounts along with easy-to-do web page designing tool.  Don't forget to explore discount options with freeee.in

Make the most out of your web hosting needs. 


write your story...

write away, write now, write here 

from the get-go, freeee.in provides a powerful publishing tool for you.  

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